Listed below you will find some great digital information that may make your life a bit easier.

Exploring New Territories Located at this site is a digital version of Booklet : EXPLORING NEW TERRITORIES, FDLRS 2010

Wiki Help-

This is an informational site, by Wikispaces, that includes videos on how to manage your Wiki page. It contains an introduction to Wiki, how to personalize your Wiki, how to import and manage files and pictures, how to embed widgets and information on permissions and sending invitations.

Photo Sharing and Editing...What is it?
Learn how to search, create, edit and share your images
How can I use it?
flickr - A Web 2.0 image tool you can use to upload, organize, edit, share your photos with others.
Photobucket - Another easy to use Web 2.0 to share and edit your photos.
Google’s Picasa – Free photo editing software from Google. Easy to share your photos
Apple’s iPhoto – Photo editing for Apple users.
Microsoft’s Photo Story - A great resource for Digital Story Telling Free download
Globster – Allows users to make interactive virtual posters that can include images, text, video and audio uploaded from your computer or located on the web.

Video Sharing and Editing....What is it?
Share and search for Videos to enhance classroom instruction.
How can I use it?
Vimeo – Vimeo is a great way to upload and share your videos.
Voicethread A Web-based digital-storytelling application that enables me to share my stories or slideshows through audio, images, videos, or text with others online
YouTube -Video Sharing Community . You can search for videos or upload your video to share.
Teacher Tube - A Video Sharing Community just for teachers. You can search for videos or upload your video to share.
Animoto You can make videos with your images.

Fotobabble What is it? Fotobabble lets you create talking photos in two clicks. Simply upload a photo and then record your voice directly through your computer to create a talking photo.
How can I use it?Fotobabble
1. Upload your photo
2. Record your voice
3. Share with Friends