Design To Learn is a Communication Program that works right along with the Every Move Counts. The good thing is the profile is a lot less complicated.
(Some of the materials do have to be paid for but they include an e-version for a lot less.) The booklets are easy to understand and give a lot of good ideas and suggestions. All levels of students are addressed and go from Pre-intentional behavior to Language.

They have a free, online communication matrix and profile that you can use and print out. It helps you determine where your student is functioning and what the next step should be for them. It's an excellent resource for portfolios. I included the link below. You have to register with the site.

From the website:

Our Approach to Education

Communication is the foundation for all learning. Communication is a two-way street between us and the world, allowing us to convey messages to other people and for other people to convey messages to us.
Our methods are tested in real-world settings. Our approach to education is based on 25 years of research in real life settings. Most of our research is funded by grants from the U.S. Department of Education and is conducted in collaboration with public school programs.
Our educational approach is comprehensive. By addressing Communication, Cognitive Development and the Learning Environment, we offer a comprehensive approach to assessment, teaching and learning.


1. COMMUNICATION DEVELOPMENT We believe that everyone should be able to communicate their needs to other people. Children and adults who cannot use or understand language systems (such as speech) need to have an effective alternative communication system.
2. CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT We believe that the way in which nonspeaking individuals interact with their environment reflects their understanding of the world. We encourage development of basic concepts through interaction with objects and spaces.
3. THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT We believe that quality education focuses on improving the quality of the learning environment as well as the learner's skills.